Tuesday, February 27, 2007

One Day It'll All Be Fine?

I came across a nice, optimistic quote this morning and I re-realized that at heart I do believe, o garwsh, cheezy as it sounds that everything'll be just fine!

It also seemed to tie in nicely with a thought from the previous 'Multitudinosity' post:

"What are people actually thinking about? We don't even know because we are too caught up in the fear-consumption cycle of our modern world. I see it, and can actually feel it, a sickening feeling of fear every time I turn on the local evening news or CNN or Fox...It's like a cold sweat on the inside of my stomach."

Here's the nice optimistic quote (from this interview):

"Despite the evening news, I am an optimist. I think intelligence of the species is greater than the intelligence of the individual; and the intelligence of the earth itself, the living biosphere, is greater than that of any species; and there are hierarchies of intelligence quite invisible to those who think that the abominations of politics are the important things happening on this planet."--Robert Anton Wilson

And in case that was a bit too fluffy clouds and lotus blossoms for you I'd just like to say that notions of cosmic consciousness and 'hierarchies of intelligence' generally make me want to puke if only for the reasons that many good hearted and well-intentioned people have lovingly handed over their common sense and scepticism to hop on board the 'New Age' spaceship. Nevertheless there are a few new agey ideas that are somewhat plausible. But that is a whole 'nother topic that I really don't want to touch with a ten foot orgone generator.

Here's more from the same interview:

"Can (we) look critically, even momentarily, at (our) false dogmatic certainties, and see the statistical possibilities and probabilities? All the rage and alienation around us these days is caused by the hopeless feeling that the stupidities and brutalities on the news every night will continue until they blow us away entirely."

Yes, we can.

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Anonymous said...


Thanks for visiting my blog too! And yes your Dutch was entirely correct...for a moment I thought you were a Dutchie too.

Sitting is indeed hard, so hard that I sometimes really have to tell myself to go and sit. I am not always looking forward to it, BUT I always feel much better afterwards. So that is a nice incentive!

I like you positive post! I like to consider myself a positive person with some spots of irony here and there. And I am a pacificist from head to toe too....so come on throw some more lotus blossoms my way I can handle it!

Take Care, Francisca